Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pinterest Project

So, I've been pretty obsessed with Pinterest since I joined a couple months ago.  It's definitely one of my favorite places to go and get craft ideas, recipes, home decor ideas, and SOOOOOOO much more!  If you don't know anything about it yet, beware, you might fall in to the trap of a seriously awesome time waster!!

Anyway, I've successfully completed two total craft projects from pinterest and I'm doing a post on one of them because I'm just so thrilled with how it turned out, AND how fun it is going to be to put in to practice.  And because I"m entering a Pinterest Challenge from a fellow blogger, www.betterlifebags.com.

To start off, I must post a picture with the link of the original piece of inspiration:

And here is a picture of the product that inspired me to make one of my own:

So, I had a few other ideas for mine, but wanted to keep the original idea, to write down one memory for each day of the year, with the end goal being that 15-20 years down the road I could go back and read one special thing that I did that day and reminisce!

So, I remembered that I had a set of blank board boxes I had bought a while back but had never figured out the perfect use for, until I saw this project!

Here is a picture of the blank box, just waiting to be decorated!

As you can see, it's sitting in the lid, which is how I will most likely keep it, but I do have the ability to use the lid when necessary.

Next up is the paper line I chose to use for this project, which I think fits perfect with the theme, Life Documented by Simple Stories.  Simple Stories is one of my new ABSOLUTE FAVORITE paper companies!  The "aged" look that they use for each different line of paper is just fabulous and fits my style perfectly!
 After much cutting, measuring and sizing and making sure the papers were going in in the exact place I wanted them, here is the front of the completed box!  I couldn't be more happy with the results!  I used double sided tack to make sure that the paper won't pull off.  It's probably my favorite secret ingredient to ALL of my projects and paper products that I make and sell!
 The completed back side of the box, again, SOOOO THRILLED with the results!!
 And eeeeek, the "meat" of the project, the actual purpose of spending hours even making this whole thing, the filling!  Each paper has been cut and stabilized with cardstock and double sided tack when necessary to hold up for as many years of memories as I can fit in to this tiny box!
 I also printed out my own lined paper to use so that I could fit as many lines as possible.  It's double sided as well, and printed on 32 lb. paper so that I can use my color coordinating ultra fine sharpie markers that I love so much!  And yes, the most tedious part of the entire project was going through and individually stamping each page for every day of the year, but because it's a project that "gives back" the older it gets, I'm totally fine with taking my time and making sure it's put together well and with lots of love!

So, that's my completed Pinterest Project and I couldn't be more satisfied with it!  I can't wait to add  pictures here and there, and of course, embellishments along the way!  I'm thinking about possibly adding them to my store for sale, so if you think you might be interested let me know!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!!!

Rebecca @ Better Life Bags said...

So cute. I made this last year and fell off the wagon around March. It still sits on my kitchen island, though - it's too cute to move!

Here's the hoping for more success for your journal!

and thanks for linking up to the www.pinterestchallenge.com!


Danielle said...

Very nice! I came from the pinterest challenge. I started one last January 1 and only missed a handful of days last year. It is fun this year to read last year's notes!