Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween 2011

I was tempted to not do a Halloween post, but I definitely want to remember Caleb's first trick or treating experience, so here we go!

Our dear friends invited us over to go with them since we live in an apartment complex, and oh boy did we strike it rich!

I have to start off with this little honey, Evie!  What a cute little pumpkin she was!
 Caleb, our little Woody from Toy Story!  I tried to find him just a hat, but no luck, so he just had the outfit!  It took Caleb a few houses to understand what to do, but in the end, he did great asking and saying thank you for all the candy!
 Dylan was hilarious!  The poor little spider must have fallen over at least a dozen times and spilled his candy, but he just got right back up and ran to the next house!
 Haley, or better known as Ariel!  What a cute little mermaid she was!  Red hair and all!
 And Noah, who was Spiderman.  He had a blast with the two boys down the street, one of which is in his kindergarten class at school.
 And how could I forget, our little superman!  What a stud he was, and I was shocked how well he did too! Just sat in the stroller and watched everyone around him!  He had a rough afternoon/evening, and was super tired, but he did so great!
 I love this shot of Haley and Caleb from behind.  They were always the last two at each house to go get candy, the big kids kind of overtook the entire process.  Haley was so sweet to wait for Caleb, and walk up with him!
 Woody on his way to the next house! 
 And finally, this girl knows how to do it right!  She was zonked out by the end of our walk around the block!  What a trooper!

Thanks Dustin & Karla for letting us tag along with y'all!  We had such a blast and are still trying to finish all the candy Caleb got!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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