Monday, June 9, 2008

San Antonio

So, Aaron and I made our first long weekend get-a-way in quite some time last weekend (May 30-June 2) and took a road trip to San Antonio, Texas! This was my first time there and what a cool place it is! (Note that I've only lived in Texas for 5 1/2 years. That's why it was my 1st time). We rented a nice car and made the 5 hour drive on Friday. After making my much needed trip to Fazoli's (there are none in the Dallas area, and the closest one to home is Waco, luckily right on the way!) for some breadsticks, we stopped to eat lunch in Austin and checked in to our AMAZING hotel about 2:30pm.

Let me back this story up with the inital reason we decided on San Antonio. Aaron's parents had "won" a trip there but as a part of the deal, you had to sit it and listen to one of those timeshare deals. Anyway, they gave the vacation package to us and we very eagerly took them up on the offer!

Ok, so the hotel we stayed at was called the St. Anthony (Wyndham Hotel). I could probably best describe it as a hotel straight out of the early 20's. Gorgeous interior, tall ceilings, four-poster beds, french style bathrooms, just simply beautiful!! I've never stayed in a hotel quite like it! (See room pics below...)

After relaxing a bit, we decided to venture out and grab some Mexican on the Riverwalk. We were directed to a place called Rio Rio Cantina, by our very helpful Concierge at the hotel. Needless to say, though, the restaurant was a HUGE flop! The chips and salsa were horrible as was the service. I know most restaurants will make an exception and allow someone to order from the kids menu if they so choose. Well, since I have been experiencing early pregnancy symptoms at their finest, there was not a lot I could even look at on the menu. After requesting the kids cheese quesadillas and getting a very firm "no" from our waiter, I proceeded to ask if I could then have the appetizer order of chicken quesadillas without the peppers, and again, received a firm "no" along with a quick "we do not make custom orders." Aaron, at this point, was about ready to just walk out of the restaurant, and I was almost in tears (stupid hormones!!). After informing the waiter that I was pregnant and could not bear the thought of eating anything else on the menu, he FINALLY offered to let me order the kids dish, but "only if you promise not to tell ANYONE!" (direct quote from the waiter himself)! I was in disbelief that we were give such grief at what seemed to be a fairly nice restaurant. Anyway, once the food came, I was quite happy, even though everything was VERY bland for a "Mexican" restaurant. Needless to say, we will never go back there, and do not recommend it! The good thing is that, that part of the weekend was the only bad experience we had!

After dinner, we took a cruise on the River. So COOL! So much ancient history and architecture to look at. And there were even a few baby ducks (I'm a huge fan of any baby animal, if you know me at all, you know I'm a sucker for them!). The boat was tight quarters, but Aaron and I got to sit on the front end and so we had a great view for picture taking (see more pics below!).

Saturday morning, we woke up and headed off to grab a quick breakfast and then off to the "timeshare" meeting. Wow, what an energy stealer!! Almost 120 minutes of sheer torture. Although the idea of the Wyndham Resorts Timeshare program makes complete sense (you can use your timeshare points anywhere in the world - at any Wyndham Resort - at anytime. You are not locked down to just one week, at one location.) the fact that we do not even own our own home yet, made it very clear to them that we were not going to buy into their timeshare.

After lunch, we headed out to Sea World and let me just tell you how COOOOOOL this place is!! The heat was overbearing and I had to rest every ten minutes or I was going to fall over and pass out (shade is almost unheard of at this place), but that was the only downside in my opinion. We went to four different shows and all were great! My absolute favorite was Shamu (who's isn't, right?!?!?). Wow, talk about an astonishing animal! I have to admit, I got really emotional and shed a couple of tears because I was just so overwhelmed by God's creatures that were swimming and jumping right in front of my face!! (See pics below...)

Sunday we slept in a little bit and enjoyed some nice relaxing time together before heading off to breakfast. We went to an amazing little restaurant on the Riverwalk again and enjoyed a nice, quiet, cool breakfast in the shade. We then went and saw the famous Alamo ( a lot smaller than I envisioned). It was a great ending to a great weekend! We then checked out and headed home, with another quick stop at Fazoli's for me and a drivethru of the San Marcos outlet which I will be visiting in August and can't wait to spend a little money at!!

I did OK over the weekend but still battled nausea everyday, all day, just as it has been since the very beginning (and I mean very beginning, like 3-4 DPO!). YUK!!

Overall, I give S.A. a 3.7 out of 5 on my vacation spots to visit list. Everyone who lives in Texas should visit at least once in your lifetime, it's well worth it!!


The really cool french style bathroom

The Riverwalk

The view from the breakfast place we ate at Sunday morning

We even got to see a wedding take place as we were on the River Tour Boat!!

More of the Riverwalk

More of the Riverwalk

The Rivercenter Mall, located on the Riverwalk

The Shamu Show!!

My favorite pic!

The famous Alamo!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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