Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby Garcia Updates!

I thought I would take a moment to update you all (if there are any of you that actually read this blog!) on the pregnancy! Things have been very rough. It seems that once I hit 7-8 weeks, I started getting really sick all of a sudden. I was literally spending more time in the bathroom at work than at my desk getting work done! So sad! I finally caved, ok gave in to my longings and called my doctor to see if I could get some medication. What a relief to know that I could get a great nausea & vomiting medication, Zofran, well, the generic, at a fraction of the cost as the name brand. Compare $1400 for the name brand to $7 for the generic, yeah, my thoughts exactly, RIDICULOUS!!!! Thank goodness that my nurse warned me about this so I wasn’t completely caught off guard when I called my insurance company. Anyway, although the nausea hasn’t completely disappeared, the vomiting sure has and that has been WONDERFUL!! I’ve been able to eat, even though there are still things that make me cringe, but I’m hoping and praying that since I will be 12 weeks this Sunday that the sickness will drastically fade away and I can move quickly into the “fun & uneventful” 2nd trimester!

Aaron and I are considering taking some classes later in the pregnancy and using the “Bradley Method” as our birthing method. I still need to gather much more information to determine if it will work with what we would like. After a discussion with my Physical Therapist, I’ve been told I’m not a candidate for a completely natural birth, that my “method” will be called a commonly known name, EPIDURAL! With all of the issues I’ve had in the past she didn’t feel like it would be beneficial for me to try to go all natural, and of course, I quickly agreed! I don’t have the stamina nor the pain tolerance for a completely natural birth. Sorry to all of those out you that might be offended by this. Props to you for being able to have your child the natural way, YOU ARE ALL AN INSPIRATION!!! SO, we will continue to evaluate the best options for us and our little beano as time goes on, we obviously still have plenty of time to plan!!

Clothing, wow, I didn’t think I would already be struggling with my pants fitting, maybe that’s a clue that I was wearing too small of pants to begin with, but I’m amazed at how tight things are fitting on me already! Of course, I’m enjoying a new wardrobe, thanks to some amazing girlfriends who have graciously given me bins to search through (Thanks Karla & Jen! Chelsi, I’m coming for your winter clothes when the time comes!!). It’s kind of like being able to shop for free! We are blessed to be the last ones out of our group of friends and family to have a baby, so I have to say I’m definitely looking forward to all of the GREAT hand-me-downs and maybe some visits to a few Highland Park garage sales in the mean time! If anyone wants to join in the garage sale-ing, let me know, it’s always more fun to travel in groups!!

I guess that’s all I have on baby for now. I’ll post after my 12-week appointment next Monday morning. I’m so excited, my parents will be in town and my mom is going to come to my appointment with me!! It might be her only chance to since they live in St. Louis. Well, have a wonderful day and don’t roast out in the Texas heat, it’s pretty bad!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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Stacey said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling sick! I know how that is and I'm also VERY thankful for the makers of Zofran! I hope you'll be turning the corner soon and feeling better.

I found some great maternity clothes last pregnancy at a consignment shop in Preston Center called Clothes Circuit. And I'm all about scouring garage sales if you want a bargain-hunting friend! Happy shopping!