Monday, June 4, 2012

41 Months

Wow, this past month has been absolutely crazy!  We moved, unpacked and then packed again for vacation to Missouri!  Caleb, you are continually amazing me at how much you are growing in to your own little person!  I didn't get a ton of pics from the past month, but here are a few!

You went on a date with daddy one Saturday afternoon and crashed in the car on the way home.  When daddy brought you in, you stayed asleep on him for a good hour, it was so sweet!
 You finished out your first year of preschool (what?!?  how did this happen?!?), and had an end of year music program that was so fun!  My cute little sailor!
  You got shy when you saw mommy taking your picture
 Your little preschool class!
 Oh Mrs. Lesa, how we LOVE YOU!!  Could not have asked for a more caring, sweet teacher to have for Caleb's first year of preschool (not to mention she's from St. Louis and a HUGE Cards fan, which made for fun convos during the World Series!)!
 Your last day at preschool, wow, you've grown so much since I posted this picture (down below) of you from your first day
Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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