Saturday, June 9, 2012

21 Months

The same as Caleb's post, it's been a VERY busy month!  But that has not stopped Asher from growing, growing, growing!  I am so blessed by this precious little honey, even though he likes to scream at me now and then!  I only got a few pics of him from the month as well, so here you go!

 Kid swap day at our sweet friends house!  They all looked so cute sitting there eating lunch and watching toons together!  I still can't believe Asher is big enough to sit in a toddler chair!
 This was from Day 2 of our vacation, all tuckered out from all the walking and seeing everything down on the Branson Landing!  Sweet boy slept through so much noise, inlcuding Caleb and Sai running around him!  Just like his momma, he can sleep anywhere, anytime!

 Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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