Sunday, October 9, 2011

13 Months

Asher sweetie, you are 13 months old!  Woo Hoo!  You are all boy and I absolutely LOVE the fact that you are now WALKING and need no help from mommy or daddy anymore(you love it too!)!  You are also all about being "busy" every moment you are awake.  You constantly want to be playing and moving and I love it!  It keeps me on my toes and I'm pretty sure you are the reason I've recently lost weight!  

You are beginning to understand when mommy or daddy tell you "no" and you don't like it (big surprise there, right?!?).  You squeal at us, and sometimes you take a swing at me if I'm holding you when I tell you no.  We are already having to work on discipline with you in the sense that you LOVE outlets and anything that might injure you. 

This past month you had your first haircut and look soooo much more like a little boy!  I love it!  And I love the fact that Fall is just around the corner because you look so handsome in your little jeans, sneakers and long sleeve t's!  Thank you for speeding over to me multiple times a day and bear hugging my neck, it's my most favorite moments I share with you each day!  And thank you for your big smiles and your belly laughs! You are such a honey and SUCH a priceless treasure to me and daddy!  We love you so much!

Here are a few pics from the past month of your life!  I could just stare at them all day long!

 Again, the talking to the food thing, HILARIOUS!!
 You've got long eyelashes like your brother!
 The beautifulness that was your hair before we had it chopped off!  I still look at this and miss those curls!
 Haircut time!

 So proud of yourself for walking all the way to daddy!
 You in jeans melts my heart!
 Eeeek!  My little superman!  I could just snuggle you ALL THE DAY LONG!!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!


Kara Coddington said...

Cute pics!!! Where did you get that binky attachment?!?! That's the only kind of binky Timmy will take but I've never seen this and it would be extremely handy. Thanks!! Kara Coddington

Jill Garcia (Smith) said...

Kara - they are only at Babies 'R' Us that I can find, and they are kind of hidden in the pacy/pacy clip section. If you can't find them in the store you can find them online at:

I didn't realize this, but they are cheaper on their website than at Babies 'R' Us, except I don't know how they are on shipping costs. In store I think was $6.99 + tax (stinkin' pricey if you ask me!)

Good luck!