Thursday, June 30, 2011

Father's Day

This Father's Day was wonderful, it was actually celebrated over two weekends! The Sunday before Father's Day Aaron got to go golfing with a friend. I'm so glad he got to, since it's VERY rare that he has that opportunity and it's something he loves to do! The weekend of Father's Day, he also went with some guy friends of his and saw two different movies. One Saturday night, and one Sunday morning after church. We also got to celebrate him even more Sunday night when the four of us went to dinner at Pappasito's (YUMMY seafood, woo hoo)!!

I'm so glad that we had the time available so that he could be celebrated so much because he truly is an amazing man, husband and father! Our boys are so very blessed to have him. he is loving, gracious, compassionate and caring. I am so blessed to have him as my partner in parenting, Lord knows I could never do it on my own!

Thank you Aaron, for truly stepping up and leading our family. You bring such joy to me, and to our home and I am blessed beyond measure to walk through this sweet life with you!

Some other amazing daddy's are the guys we are blessed to share life with, Dustin, Travis and Jarret! I think their wives would agree we are all so blessed and thankful to the Lord for these amazing, Godly men who strive to lead us all well!!

And last, but DEFINITELY not least, my awesome dad! I am so thankful to the Lord for him, for his guidance and wisdom over the years, and for everything he has done for me! Thank you dad, for being such a great example of a man after God's own heart. I love you so much!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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