Thursday, June 9, 2011

9 Months

Asher, my little man, you are 9 months old! You continue to amaze me at how fast you learn to do something, like army crawl across the entire apartment without me knowing it! You follow your big brother everywhere, as well as momma and daddy, and I love it!! You want to be where all the action is and you go non-stop every second you are awake. Thankfully, you nap great and since we've done some sleep training with you, you are FINALLY sleeping through the night again! This has helped momma regain my sanity, as well as some much needed rest, so thank you!!

You have also cut your first two teeth, and your smile looks cuter and cuter every single day because of it!! You are growing at remarkable speeds, and have already been in 12 month clothing for at least a month now. You weigh just shy of 23 pounds (40-50%) and are 29 inches long (75%), holy cow!!! Daddy and I laugh at the idea of having a kid who is taller than both of us since we are so average in height.

You still love your Baby Einstein's Numbers Nursery DVD the best, and thank goodness for it, because it's about the only way I get to actually achieve any kind of cooking in this house!

You are also starting to communicate more through sounds, cooing, and babbling on and on. We have multiple conversations everyday, about what I don't know, but you seem very interested to tell me anything and everything.

You are OBSESSED with the Lightning McQueen "Shake 'n' Go" that we have. Seriously, it can keep you entertained for 30-45 minutes at a time, multiple times a day. It's so cute, you shake it up and then the wheels go spinning. Although you haven't quite caught on to the idea of letting it go on the floor, you like to be holding it while it goes.

You are starting to pull up on everything, which means that it's about time to keep your crib side pulled up at all times. I'm starting to wonder if you will walk before truly crawling. I guess only time will tell!

We had to take you completely off of solids for a while because you were having such a reaction to everything we gave you, and so we have recently started introducing them as if it was brand new. We have cut out all foods with wheat/gluten to see if you may have an allergy, which is what I think it might be. If so, it definitely could be a good change in diet for all of us, and could possibly be the same issue that I'm having as well. So far, you have done great with being on all organic foods, such as sweet potatoes, winter squash, green beans, peas, and rice cereal. We will continue to try and rule out anything that gives you a reaction, and hopefully will have some conclusive answers in the next month or so! Until then, we'll stick to simple foods and teething biscuits!

Sweet Asher, we love you so much and are so thankful to the Lord for your precious little life! You are truly a priceless gift, and I pray that someday you will know Jesus the way daddy and I both do. Keep growing, little man, and we'll keep nourishing that little heart of yours! Love you sweetie!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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