Monday, January 24, 2011

Sickfest 2011

Oh boy, this has been a GREAT month (enter sarcasm NOW)! We did great until January 6th, when I came down with the stomach bug. I then passed it along to Caleb, Asher and Aaron. From that point, somehow, Asher managed to get RSV, from where I don't know since we had already been in quarantine for 4 days. During this time, I began to have an extremely sore throat, dry cough, and runny/stuffy nose. Then, Asher, as sweet and innocent as he is, decided to share his RSV with his big brother! YUK!! So, for the past three weeks, yes, that's right, three weeks, we have stayed in. Caleb has not seen any of his friends, or even left the house, except to go to the doctor, FOR THREE WEEKS. Thankfully, I have been able to get out, in order to keep my own sanity, and have fully enjoyed the freedom that Target, CVS, Tom Thumb, or any other "errand" has provided me. And yes, I have made a quick drive-thru my favorite coffee shop during those quick errand runs to help ease the stress of going back to an apartment full of sicky germs. This is the point in time that I wish I knew how to invent what I would like to call a disinfectant bomb, where all I had to do was pull a string, and quick "boom" would occur, clear smoke of some sort would consume our entire apartment, including door knobs, base boards, carpets, tile floors, and all would be 110% clean within a matter of seconds. But since no one has invented that, yet, I will settle for today's Groupon, which was a one-time deep cleaning maid service for only $49. The best part, was that after I purchased it, I realized that I had a $10 credit on my account, and so we only paid $39!!! $39 for someone else to come in and deep clean my apartment, base boards, doorknobs, everything you can see! I think this calls for the Hallelujah chorus to be sung by my invisible choir. Can you hear it now?!?

Ah yes, the Sickfest 2011 is quickly exiting the Garcia household, and while I can't guarantee that it won't return again some other time this year, I'm praying that the Lord would shower us with grace and mercy, and would keep us healthy through the remainder of this winder season.

To top off this unforgettable month, I'd like to share a few of my favorite pictures from our three weeks of quarantine. Enjoy!!

It doesn't get much more pathetic than this. My poor, poor baby!!

He thought a Cars bandaid might make him feel better. He wore it for two days straight!
Ah yes, this was in between the stomach bug and RSV. It amazes me how happy he looks when he's feeling semi-normal!
This was taken at their well-visit checkups, not their sick checkups. Although, Asher got sick with RSV starting later that night...maybe that's where he picked it up?!?
Breathing treatments for my baby, poor thing. He did good with them most of the time.
Had to add this one in. Caleb woke up with the best bed head hair of all time the other morning!! The view from the back is even better!!
This is almost a daily occurance at our house. This happens right around the dinner hour. Aaron holds Asher, and they both take a little 30 minute snooze together! And yes, those are socks on Asher's hands. I couldn't think of another way to keep them warm since he doesn't like his arms under any type of blanket.
My boys!!! LOVE this picture!!
My sweet little sickling, on his worst day, he had tears just streaming down his face all day, not from crying, just because his poor little eyes wouldn't stop watering. Same with his nose...
Asher getting some much needed sleep, and yes, his pacy was almost going up his nose!

So there you have it, sickfest 2011!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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