Monday, January 31, 2011

Movin' On Up

After Asher's 4 month checkup from Dr. Randles, and a couple weeks of sickness, we are FINALLY all well! On that note, I thought it was about time to start him on some rice cereal. We're starting really slow, once a day, just to see how his body does with it, but he seemed to do ok with it tonight, although I don't think he liked it very much according to some of his facial expressions we kept getting! I think he finally caught on towards the end! Here are some pics from our eventful evening!!

1st bite...

"not sure about this mom..."

"ok, maybe it's not that bad..."

"yeah, i think i'm ok with this!"
Daddy took over so I could get a couple more pics, I think he had better luck!

more spitting it out...doesn't quite have the whole swallowing from a spoon down yet...

"ohhh, what's that?!?"

"maybe yes, maybe no, which one will it be?"
"sure, why not?!?"

And finally, what my little honey looked like after his first try at rice cereal!!

One of my absolute favorites of him ever!!! There is no mistake that he is happy with that massive smile on is face, LOVE IT!!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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