Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Boys

Our photographer (also one of my graduated small group girls), Kaitlynn, came over yesterday and did a newborn/brother photo shoot for us! She is SOOOO talented and great at what she does and I'm just blessed to get to benefit from her God given gift!!! Here are the best pictures from our shoot!

The only picture that turned out of Caleb holding Asher. He didn't like having him sit on his lap and quickly proceeded to push him off! Thankfully I was right there!
Asher was ALL smiles yesterday for me and it was SOOOOO sweet!!

This one above is my absolute favorite of Asher! Spittin' image of his Daddy! Yep, I said it! I've lost all hope of having any children that remotely resemble me at all!

My sweet Caleb! He's such a GREAT big brother!!

Love the pic above of Asher holding my finger. I know ten years down the road I'll be looking back at this picture and remembering how tiny he was!

Holding hands! LOVE IT!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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