Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Bump

So, I am now almost 23 weeks and am shocked at how fast this pregnancy is going! I know, I shouldn't be, but I am! I'm feeling great, sleeping great and am realizing that Asher moves at the same times during the day and evening that Caleb used to! We're obviously praying that he's just as easy as Caleb has always been, but know that it's not that likely! Anyway, here are my latest two belly pics. Kind of funny that my 21 week looks a little bigger than my 22 week, I must be getting wider!! I've only gained 3 pounds this entire pregnancy (above my pre-pregnancy weight) so I'm thinking that I'll gain it all in the last month, like last time, and that it will all be water weight. The Dr. doesn't seem worried about it since he's never mentioned it.'s the pics!

21 weeks

22 weeks
Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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JulieL said...

You look cute Jill! :)