Tuesday, May 4, 2010

16 Months

Caleb, you are 16 months old today! You are becoming more of a honey every single day! This momma knows that my days with just you are numbered and I have been trying to make those few days memorable! Here are some things in the past month that you have loved, and maybe not loved so much!

1. You LOVE getting out of the house and going walking. Firewheel is your (and mine) favorite place to go. All the people, the fountain and Auntie Anne's Pretzels!

2. You have recently become more independent and love to sit on the couch NEXT to daddy or mommy, but not in our laps!

3. You have taken a few steps here and there, but we are still waiting for that little lightswitch to flip on and for you to start walking full time, all by yourself

4. You are getting your 12th tooth, a molar no less, and you don't like it! We don't really like it either baby! I can't imagine how painful it is for you!

5. You continue to eat anything and everything we give you. This momma knows what a blessing this is and I am so thankful everyday for this!!

6. Your vacab is slowly expanding. You can now clearly say dada, mama, momomo (more), ni ni (night night), no no (no). We're working on thank you right now.

7. I love to sleep, but this momma struggles with pushing you until after lunch to put you down for your nap, you just can't seem to make it more than 3 hours in the morning.

8. You are a very quick learner, just like mommy! I can say what something is one or two times and you know exactly what it is from then on

9. We think you got mommy's growing pains, YUK!!

10. You absolutely thrive on being around other kids, whether your age or older, you absolutely love being around them and other people in general!!

Caleb, we love you so much and can't believe how big you are getting!! You truly are growing in to your own personality and it's so fun to sit back and watch as it happens! We love you so very very much and thank the Lord for you each and every day!!! Happy 16 month birthday honey!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!!

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