Thursday, August 13, 2009

Caleb - 7 Month Pictures

It has been a big month for growing! Caleb is becoming more and more of his own little person every single day, and this momma sure does love to watch!! He's sitting up on his own, completely now, and he's only a few days away from crawling! Guess this means it's time to babyproof the house?!?

Here's a few, ok, a TON of pictures from throughout this month. Notice at the bottom, all of the different facial expressions. It's always fun to refer back to the early on "The Many Faces of Caleb" post that I did back in January, and to see how many of them are the same, yet so many of them are different! I love my little man so much!!

Caleb, Haley (little momma) and Noah!

She is just in love with baby Caleb!

She was so excited to be "holding" him

She always gives him kisses, just precious!!

Dinner with the Selfs at our house last Friday. The kids had a picnic on our livingroom floor!

Caleb just chillin' with daddy

Oh how Caleb L-O-V-E-S his peaches!!

Chillaxin' in Noah's chair, we're going to have to get him one of these!

Sitting up for daddy (the 1st time daddy got to see it!)

Bath time! Probably his most favorite time of the day!

My little sugar!! Ohh I just want to squeeze you!

He loves looking deeply at the carpet

"Watcha doin' mom?"

Watch out girls!!

Looks like he's praying here, doesn't it?!?

This is by far my favorite one out of the bunch!!

Seriously Mom, can't you stop with the pictures already?!?


Self Family said...

Caleb, you are sooo grown up already. I am so proud you and have to brag that you first sat up by yourself the longest at my house!! We love you so much - love all your funny faces and chunkiness!!

Katie said...

Very, very cute with him sitting up. So exciting!