Friday, June 5, 2009

5 Months Old!

****WARNING...this post has MANY MANY pictures! Just wanted to warn you!!***

Caleb, you are now 5, FIVE months old! Where has the time gone?!? It still feels like yesterday that my contractions started at 12:45am. I miss those first days of holding you in may arms at a whopping 7lbs. 13oz. You now weight around 20 lbs and are massive! BUT I absolutely LOVE IT!! You give me a workout each and everyday! Here are some things tht I want to remember about you at this age...

1. You are rolling over from your back to your tummy! This started last week and it has been so fun to watch you continually do it. Now you just need to learn how to roll back, because you are not fond of being on your tummy!

2. You laugh, smile, talk make this really high pitched noise all the time! You are very vocal. At least there's something you got from your mommy!

3. Your hair is growing in!!! This is huge since you were nearly bald for so long!

4. You are really trying to sit up on your own, and you're super close! I can't wait to post that video!

5. You LOVE mommy and daddy and can't stand to be away from us most of the time (otherwise known as separation anxiety!)

6. You have been eatingrice cereal in your last bottle of the day for quite a while now and absolutely love it! I've tride spoon feeding it, but I think it's still a little too early. But I'm super excited to start you on fruits and veggies and get some crazy faces on camera!

7. You LOVE to be outside, no matter how hot it is. You love looking around and listening to all the sounds. SOmetimes you even turn your head towards a new sound and attempt to find it (ussally it's a bird hidden in a tree though!).

8. I LOVE coming in to get you up in the morning, it's when you are the happiest baby (most of the time!). You smileat me and/or daddy bigger than any other time of the day!

9. You like to watch Baby Einstein videos while mommy or daddy are tryng to get stuff done.

10. You don't like to move.

11. You LIKE your schedule the way it should be and are super fussy when we've messed it up!

12. You LOVE carpet (so does mommy too!!). You enjoy just laying on the floor during the day and playing with mommy. And mommy likes having a sft floor for you to lay on!

13. You are starting to get to know others, but mommy and/or daddy must be present and accounted for in order fo ryou to feel comfortable and not freak out

14. You "talk" in your sleep! I LOVE IT!!! Sometimes you wake me up in the middle of the night and when I walk in thinking you're rolled on your tummy or need your pacy, you are just laying there totally asleep and talking! It's the cutest thing! You still laugh and smile while sleeping to, just precious!

15. You are a big boy! I know I already said this, but you are and I LOVE all your cute rolls and chubby cheeks! I jsut can't get enough of them, and yes, I know I'm partial!! There's just more of you to LOVE!!!!

16. You like Patty Cake done with your feet more than your hands, and you like sucking on your toes!

17. We think you are cutting your first tooth/teeth. You are a drooling machine and your gums have become quite painful when you bite/gnaw on us. You particularily like noses (see example below).

18. You are fascinated with everything to look at when we go to the store. Even if you're totally sleep on the way there, as soon as we walk in the door, you are wide awake and looking around!

19. You are down to 4 bottle a day and sometimes I wonder ifyou'd go down to three. You go to bed around 7pm which is so nice for mommy and daddy because then we actually get some hang time of our own! Thank you for this! You also sleep through the night 99.9% of the time! This is such a blessing darling!!

20. I want to remember how precious you are and that the Lord created you and gave you to me to "borrow" and love and cherish as much as humanly possible! I often find myself tearing up just looking at you sitting on my lap, or hearing you laugh or talk or smile or even fuss because I know that I will never get this precious time back with you. You will only continue to grow bigger. You are a joy to my heart, every single day and I praise the Lord for such an amazing gift! I love you more than words can express, Caleb! Love, your MOMMY!!!!

Look at me mom!
Laughing here!
Getting REALLY excited!
smiling at mommy!
more big smiles!
currently the newest family picture
his froggy shirt that I love!
look at those chunky cheeks!!
What's up, Mom?!?
Chillin' at the park lookin' very cool in my avaitors!
More of just lookin' cool!
Hangin' with mom!
Doing serious work here people! Can't you tell with daddy in his robe and me in my footies?
More chillin'
Starting to fall asleep, the sun is so bright!
What a handsome little man!
"Really mom, must you ALWAYS have that silver thing in my face?"
Smiling for the camera!
Asleep at Julia's party, party pooper!
Eating daddy's nose!
"What is this stuff you keep trying to put in my mouth mom?" It's rice cereal honey!
"Oh, ok!"
"Yeah, it's kind of good!"
Don't worry all you other mommies! This is the only time I've let him sleep with his lovie and I made sure his face was not too close to the bumper. It's only a short nap as well. I just couldn't resist a picture, it was too cute how he was holding on to his lovie!
Fell asleep eating his dinner. He went down and we didn't hear a peep from him until the next morning! WE LOVE THESE KIND OF NIGHTS!!
My cutie, taken this morning after his early morning wake up call of 6:30am!
More smiles after a long, fussy night!
Reaching for the camera
One of my favorites!
Sitting up in his rocker chair
Just chillin'

Get ready to laugh, this is just too cute not to post!!
Be Blessed and Encouraged!


Jessica said...

ohhhhhhhhh, he is so cute!!!!!!! those cheeks and his expressions. loved it!

Stacey said...

I enjoyed all the pictures but that video at the end just made my day! Sweet little thing.