Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Restful Weekend...What's A Restful Weekend?

My weekend report...

Friday, woke up at 3am with a migraine. Not the best way to start your weekend, especially when you have 8 sophomore girls coming to live with you for 48 hours!

I have not mentioned this in the past, but Aaron and I volunteer with our church's Sr. High group, and both lead a small group of 10th grade kids. My girls are so precious and I am so blessed to be in their lives, much less, speak truth to them! Anyway, this weekend was the annual "D-Town" event (or weekend sleepover as I refer to it as). It's basically an entire weekend of sleepovers, junk food, chick flicks, girl drama, boy talk and no sleep! Also in the mix is what we call "club", on Friday and Saturday nights and then again on Sunday morning, to complete the weekend. Club is a time when we rock out to some great music, spend time worshipping the Lord, watch some hilarious skits, do some crazy dares and listen to awesome Godly peopel get up and challenge us in our faith!

This year was particularly fun for me since it's my first "official" year being one of the girls small group leaders. And the fact that we all stayed at my house and I got to sleep in my comfy bed rather than on a hard floor made it even more enjoyable. I am fortunate and blessed to have a great co-leader who also happens to be one of my closest friends, Chelsi. Her and her husband are in our Community Group. It's so fun to not only share life with them, but to also share these sweet girls with her. She has been pouring into them since they were in 6th grade. I don't know how she does it all, with a husband and two small children at home, but she does and she does it so well!!

Anyway, this weekend was great! Friday night we all stayed up until about 3:15am watching movies and playing poker. Satruday, we were back up at 9am and enjoyed a little breakfast. We hung out at the house until noon and then headed up to the church for lunch and our afternoon event, the annual scavenger hunt, except this year they made a huge change, a great change at that, and made it into a photo scavenger hunt! Oh my gosh!! My girls are so creative, I love it!! As you can see in the pictures below, Sarah was a human chess board, Holly was buried alive in purses, all the girls gave a group hug to some local construction workers and Bri gladly showed off a couple of her many talents, "flat tounged girl" and "stretchy face"!! We tried to get a picture with Jerry Stackhouse (Dallas Mavericks player for those of you who are not local Dallasites) but we went to the wrong house. After an eventful afternoon we went back to the house and stuffed our faces with pizza and more junk food and watched another movie.

Satruday night was probably the best one in D-Town history. We had an amazing concert by none other than Ben Rector!! My girls are head over heels in love with him and so they completely LOVED being able to not only see him in concert, but have their pictures taken with him too! We also enjoyed our time on the bouncehouses that were setup in the lobby of our worship center and a free coffee drink from our Starbucks Coffee Shop! It was awesome! We couldn't end the weekend without making some memorable puff paint t-shirts (wow, talk about traveling back in time! Do scrunchies, tight rolling your jeans and spiral perms bring back any memories?!?) And once again it was almost 2am before any of us got to bed, not to mention the time change which made it almost 3am!! Oh to be young again and live without a care in the world!! Anyway, it was definately an eventful weekend and so much fun! Enjoy the pics below and God Bless!

Sarah - the human chess board!

Holly - Buried Alive in Bags!

Group hug with the random construction workers!

The Girls Just Having Fun!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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