Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vacation Bible School - June '12

Caleb was fortunate to attend three different Vacation Bible Schools this summer, but his favorite one by far was the one that our playgroup did together!  We spent an evening strategically planning out "The Armor of God" VBS week and I think we succeeded, even though we had a couple little hiccups!
We are fortunate enough that our oldest boys are all within a month of each other in age, and the younger siblings are within about 6 months of each other in age, so it worked out really well to have the older ones at one house, the younger ones at another house, and then two moms got the morning off!  it truly was a blast and I am so thrilled to make it a new tradition that I know the boys will look forward to for at least the next few years (until they outgrow it and it's not "cool enough" anymore)!
Katherine and Asher, they aren't even 24 hours apart in age, so fun!!

Still my favorite picture of the four boys!  They are best buddies and it's so precious!!


Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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