Monday, April 9, 2012

19 Months

Oh Asher, every month you outgrow your last (for obvious reasons, of course), but really because you are just a little sponge and you take everything that you see and hear and just soak it all up!  Including your older brother's outbursts of frustration!  But oh how I wish I could freeze time with you right now!  Your still in that innocent phase, but you're getting old enough to understand what I'm saying, and so even when you don't like it, and burst out in frustration, it only lasts as long as your 5 second scream and then we're fine again!

You have also been sick this past month with allergies and asthma, but I am so grateful that it didn't turn in to anything worse, like it normally does.  No RSV, no Croupe and you didn't even get your brother's eye infection as I suspected you would have!  DOUBLE YAY!!

You went through a phase of rejecting anything and everything I would give you to eat at dinner time, even though you were clearly hungry, and I'm happy to say that my normal child has returned and you are back to eating whatever I fix!  Another huge praise!  I was starting to feel guilty for feeding you french toast sticks, pop-tarts, chicken nuggets, baby mum mum's and cereal bars for breakfast, lunch, snack AND dinner.  (Note:  all of the items mentioned were organic or all natural, so at least I had that going for me!).

Your personality is REALLY starting to show, and you are showing us that you are more and more Smith than I ever thought possible!  It's so fun to see how you and your brother are so different, but clearly are siblings!  I absolutely LOVE how you both play together so well, and have an absolute blast running and chasing each other through our tiny apartment!  I can't wait to see what you both do with all the space you'll have at the new place in just a few short weeks!

You have an obsession with your blankies and little bear (your pacy with the attached brown bear, that I dubbed "little bear").  It goes beyond nap time and night time.  You get so frustrated when I pull little bear out of your mouth during the day, and I'm pretty sure you'd carry your blankies, by their tags mind you, all over Dallas if I let you!

Things you do on demand:
-give kisses (HEAVEN for me!!!)
-dance (or rather jump really fast and excitedly scream, still need to get this on video)
-bring momma your shoes and sit down in front of me waiting for me to put them on you because you're just so excited to get to leave the apartment
-pretty much go to sleep on demand, meaning I don't hear a peep from you when I put you down for naps or at night 95% of the time, which is a pretty drastic turn around from a even 8 months ago (way to go big boy!!)

You come and let me know when you are ready to eat, which is pretty much ALL. DAY. LONG. ALL. THE. TIME.  No, seriously, I'm really not kidding about this one, ask Aaron!

And, last but not least, you have finally started laughing hysterically!  I was starting to wonder if you would ever think anything was funny since in the 1st 18 months of your life I had only ever heard you hysterically belly laugh one time.  AND, we got this one on video, TWICE!  It's AMAZING!!

Here's the video of you laughing, as well as a few pics from the last month of your life!

"just chillin' eatin' my grilled cheese"
 more chillin'
 the blankie obession
  climbed up all by himself and immediately got in this position!  so stinkin' funny!
 profile = love!! 
 crazy hair!! (and having fun with daddy!!)
  they go everywhere with him!
 and that's how he carries them all over too, above and behind his head, so he doesn't trip over them of course! (such a smartie!)
 stacking on daddy!
 little sickling - poor honey!

Asher, I truly wish I could freeze time right now with you!  Please stay young and innocent!  Please!  I love you so very very much and am so grateful to the Lord that he created you, and blessed me with you as my son!  You are SOOOOO loved by both Daddy and me!  Love you baby boy!!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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