Monday, December 5, 2011

Community Group Christmas Brunch 2011

This past Saturday we had our annual Community Group get together, this year even the guys were included!  (Last year we did a christmas cookie party with just the mommies and kids)  What a fun morning it was!  Thanks to the Woods for hosting all 19 of us, including 11 kids!  WOW, we're outnumbered!  We played, ate lots of yummy breakfast food, played some more, did a couple crafts and played some more!  The kids had an absolute blast, and I think the adults enjoyed it just the same!  It truly was great just getting some good hang time in!!  Here are some pics (thank you to the three other ladies for sharing your pics since I forgot our camera at home) from the morning!

Paige (4), Julia (3), Haley (4)
 I love this group shot because it shows just how genuinely chaotic our lives are right now with 11 kids 6 and under!  I'm seriously considering framing it!! From the top left (Paige, Julia, Haley, Eli, Dylan, Asher, Caleb, Jackson, Jacob, Noah, Evie)
 Me and sweet Evie!  She is such a honey!
 Jackson - the bib says it all!
 Asher - who clearly needs another haircut!
 My sweetie!
 Noah and his snowman - he did so good!
 Karla and Andrea helped the kids make a glitter ice cream ornament, they loved it!
 Andrea and Eli making their ornament!
 The finished ornaments!
 Dylan in all his goofiness!  LOVE this kid!
 My new favorite of Aaron and I!
 Katie & Jarret (Julia & Jackson)
 Dustin & Karla (Noah, Haley, Dylan, Evie)
 Travis & Andrea (Jacob, Paige, Eli)
 The guys!

Sad to say, we didn't get a girl picture!  Maybe next time!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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