Friday, December 9, 2011

15 Months

Oh Asher, you make me laugh!  Yes, you are 15 months old today, and yes, you DEFINITELY have your moments of crankiness, but 95% of the time you are happy, cuddly and so very silly!  You have been trying to run this past month and it is absolutely hilarious!!  You have these gorgeous big brown puppy dog eyes that make it SOOOOO hard for me to say no to you!  Add that in with you "running" up to me and burying yourself into my legs and giving me hugs and you can have whatever you want!!

You've always had a TON of facial expressions, but for some reason this past month they've all been really noticable, and so cute too (as you can see in the pictures below)!  I WISH I COULD FREEZE TIME RIGHT NOW!!!  Seriously!  I am more and more in love with you every day you little honey of a boy!  Happy 15 month birthday sweetie!!!  I love you!

  Your style of cuddling, running up and burying yourself in my legs, I LOVE IT!  You do this at least a dozen times a day, literally!
 The Pig, you love this pig!!
 Of course, swinging, your favorite thing to do outside!


Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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