Tuesday, August 9, 2011

11 Months

My sweet baby boy, today you are 11 months old, AHHHHH!! I cannot believe it's only 4 more short weeks until you turn ONE! Where did the time go?!? You are developing sooo fast, I can hardly keep up! You actually took your first couple steps on Sunday! I missed them, and you haven't taken any since, but I'm glad Daddy was here and got to see them, he's missed all of the other "firsts" for you and big brother!

You are OBSESSED with the train table that is taking up our dining room right now! Proof is in the pictures! Seriously, you spend at least 2 hours at that train table DAILY. I'm not exaggerating either!

You are down to three meals a day, and three bottles, breakfast, lunch and dinner! You are also sleeping wonderfully, all night 10-12 hours and you average 3 hours during the day for a nap. You have also dropped your morning nap which has been AMAZING! If only we could get this excessive heat to disappear so that we could actually leave the house without sweating!

You are much more vocal than Caleb was. You wake up and immediately start talking. You can't wait to come out and get in on all the action. You follow Caleb everywhere, which is just so fun to watch, and you love to wrestle and jump on his bed with him too!

You have graduated to taking big boy baths with your brother and you LOVE IT!!!

You also love playing with older kids and a lot of them! You do fabulous in the nursery at church, which is such a blessing, and you also love it when we go to the mall playgrounds, or out for playdates with friends!

Here are some of my favorite shots of you over the past month!!

Jenni, your fabulous babysitter that you adore!!

crazy hair, crazy face, CRAZY LOVE FOR THIS LITTLE HONEY!!!
Seriously kid, your hair is OUT OF CONTROL!!

playing trains with your buddy Dylan!

Some Haley love! She adores you!!!

SOOOO thankful you love bathtime the way you do!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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