Thursday, November 4, 2010

22 Months

Wow, again, another month gone by. This is possibly the first time that I've actually been telling people you are 21 months old, when actually you are 22! So sad! This past month has brought on a LOT of change in your little world. With your little brother arriving, you have had a bit of trouble getting used to sharing momma. I know it's hard, sweetie, but this too shall pass. You will never remember life without Asher (even though I will! I TREASURE those first 20 months I had with you by myself!!). You have so much to look forward to having a brother. I can't wait to see how our lives change over the next many years because of it!

You are also saying some new words as well, which is very exciting for this momma! Among them are Bible, sh (shoe), pade (potty), ph ph (poo poo), and so many more! I need to take a day and write down every word that comes out of your mouth so I have a list!

I love you so much Caleb! Happy 22 month birthday my precious honey!!

This a particular picture because Caleb knows that our DVDs are off limits, yet each day, multiple times a day, he goes over and just stands and stares at them. So tempting buddy, I know!!

Blessed and Encouraged!

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