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FOR WOMEN: Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy and a Few Encouraging Things Too!

This is a list of things about pregnancy that my sweet husband says are part of my "selective memory" when I'm not pregnant and I talk about how much I love being pregnant. This one's for you, babe! And if I forogt anything, please let me know!!

1. High fiber foods, Benefiber and Miralax are your best friend

2. Taking your prenatal vitamins before bed, without eating anything will ultimately lead to a long next day over the toilet

3. Your boobs will grow to a size that you feel like you won't be able to find a bra that fits

4. Getting up to pee 3-4 times during the night is just practice for what's about to really happen

5. Braxton Hicks can start as early as 18-20 weeks, and will inevitably continue until you actually go in to "real" labor, and that's when the fun really starts!

6. Stopping to catch your breath every 4-5 steps in your 3rd trimester is a daily occurance. Especially standing up from the toilet in the middle of the night...stopping once or twice between there and the bed is normal.

7. The uncontrollable moving and kicking in the groin, by the sweet precious little life growing inside you cannot be stopped, no matter how much you try to move that baby yourself!

8. The charlie horses from your knees to your toes that wake you up in the middle of the night yelling and crying are normal.

9. No matter how much or how little weight you gain, don't be fooled if it falls off right away, it will creep back onto your body in some shape or form, and you will find yourself almost depressed when your baby is 4 months old, and you've been back into your pre-pregnancy jeans, just to find that now, the only jeans that fit you are your maternity jeans!

10. Going through an entire thing of tums in only a week is normal. And you will more than likely have a bottle in your purse or the car, as well as on your nightstand.

11. Naps are a necessity during the 1st and 3rd trimester, in some shape or form, whether it's while your "cuddling" with your toddler on the couch while he watches Thomas, or leaning up against his Cars couch in his room while he plays with his toys. Every minute you grab some shut eye is priceless! And don't allow yourself to feel guilty about choosing to nap over cleaning/cooking the house. YOU ARE GROWING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!

12. Chewing Ice becomes normal, just like peeing 15 times a day and eating 7 times a day. (At least it was normal for me...)

13. Your feet and ankles might blow up like balloons, don't worry, since you can't see them anyways that's one less thing to think about!

14. Your hair might change and become all pretty and thick. IT WON'T STAY THAT WAY! So enjoy it while you can!

15. Turning over in bed may become a task that only super heroes can accomplish. Think roly poly stuck on it's back with legs flailing in the air and no where to go...

16. Once you hit your 3rd trimester, any thought or desire for your sweet, precious husband might disengrate. On the other hand, you might want him more than ever! And it can change with each pregnancy!

17. You will go through more pairs of underwear in one day than your potty training child most likely will! Be sure to be sitting down with your legs crossed before you even think of coughing, sneezing or clearing your throat.

18. Your first major "potty" experience after giving birth could possibly be 10x more painful than actually pushing out an 8 lb. baby! And it could possibly take just as long or longer! This may differ if you have a C-Section. To help with this, in the last month of pregnancy, don't eat anything that doesn't have at least 5 grams of Fiber in it, SERIOUSLY!

19. After about 24-28 weeks, you will more than likely NOT be able to shave anymore, or at least shave evenly. And forget about the bikini area unless you have some way to prop that belly up! (Think pregnancy swimsuit that comes with a built in skirt!)

20. You will cry over the smallest things - like going to get donuts only to find that the person in front of you in line has just bought the last chocolate covered donut and you have no choice but to buy a plain glazed donut, which doesn't go nearly as well with your ice cold milk and colache.

21. Waddling isn't that cute when you're the one doing it.

22. Gas - worse than your husband's...need I say more?!?

23. Your sense of smell will be able to detect another person's child's poopy diaper two aisles away at Target. You will want to say something, but please hold your tongue!

24. You will get desperate, and if the moment arises where the only liquid in the car is in your child's sippy cup, drink it up!!

25. Once your belly pops, it becomes public territory. Everyone will want to touch it, and they will inevitably ask when your due, followed by an "oh, wow, I thought you were about to pop!" or an "oh, you don't look nearly that far along", both of which will probably offend you or hurt your feelings. It's ok to cry, but not until you get in the car. BE STRONG!

26. Beware of telling the public your possible baby names, everyone has their own opinion and will NO DOUBT give it, even when it's not asked for! Just remember, IT'S YOUR CHILD AND YOU CAN NAME IT WHATEVER YOU WANT!!

27. You can menu plan all you want, but if your cravings change, so do your dinner plans, and that's ok!!

28. During the delivery process, you might poop, it's ok, you won't feel it and if you have a loving husband, he won't tell you unless you demand to know. (Not a personal experience, but I hear it happens all the time.)

29. Do not be afraid to ask your husband for foot and leg rubs, after all, he's half the reason you're too large to reach your own feet and rub them yourself!

30. Your growing baby will hit every nerve and muscle that you never knew existed, and it could possibly bring you to your knees. Just sayin'.

Although the list above may come across as "negative", it is not, it is part of the miracle of life! Here is a list of all the things that I DO remember when I'm not pregnant, that make me miss being pregnant...

1. Taking the pregnancy test, and seeing two lines will most likely be one of the most life altering experiences you will ever have, well, until that baby arrives anyway!

2. Seeing the heartbeat at 7 or 8 weeks pregnant will bring the biggest tears to your eyes. And when the Doctor changes the screen and you can actually see the blood flowing to the heart, it is an image that you will NEVER EVER forget for as long as you live!

3. Morning (Noon and Night) sickness is a reminder that your baby is continuing to grow inside that belly of yours!

4. The first time you feel that little baby flutter will, again, bring tears to your eyes! And again, when your husband gets to feel it for the first time!

5. WATCHING your baby move their hand, arm, butt or leg across your belly is the coolest thing ever!

6. Finding out the sex, if you choose to, will bring more tears of joy, and quite possibly fear. But remember, that the Lord will give you everything you need to care for that little baby, no matter if it's a boy or girl, or both!

7. Taking weekly belly pictures will be so fun to go back and look at. You will be shocked that your belly could actually grow that much without the baby popping straight out of the front of you!

8. Hearing your husband pray for that sweet little child growing inside you will no doubt bring more tears.

9. While packing your hospital bag at 3:00 in the morning, having to stop every 2-3 minutes for contractions, is not ideal, it sure keeps the excitement levels up and running!!

10. And finally, watching the doctor hold up your little baby, and holding that precious little baby in your arms, for the first time, well, there really are no words that can express the fullness of joy you will experience. Tears will fall, before, during and after that amazing, life altering experience. And will continue to fall everytime you remember back to that most amazing moment in your life. Just let them flow like a mighty crashing river, it's moments like these that you will need to remember when you are up with a crying baby at 3am.

If you come to a point after giving birth that you want to put that baby back in your belly becuase you miss being pregnant, you are NOT weird, it's completely normal!!

Don't wish away those early weeks and months, you will never get them back. And if you do wish them away, don't allow yourself to feel guilty! Journal the great moments from those early difficult days, and post them around the house so that you can be encouraged to keep pressing on and not to give up. You will no doubt want to throw in the towel at some point in time...PRAY WITHOUT CEASING, the Lord will give you the strength and courage to push through. And lean on your husband, family and friends. Don't be afraid to ask for help or for a break, you will need it!

And last but not least, be encouraged by the fact that the Lord of the universe created this precious little child for you and your family, and He will give you EVERYTHING you need to provide for this precious little life!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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