Sunday, July 4, 2010

18 Months

**There are a LOT of pictures, and probably a few duplicates from other posts. Here is your fair warning!!**

My sweet boy, you are now officially a toddler!! WHAT!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?! Where has the past 18 months gone? I've already done a mid-month update post because I am convinced that this is the best age so far! You are such a sweetie and are getting in to everything!! You explore everything, and your vocabulary has quadrupled in the past couple weeks, SOOOOOO fun! It has definitely kept this momma on her toes as far as the words I say. Your favorite words are: uh oh(with a raised tone at the end that makes it sound almost like a question), okay, yeah, mama, dada, papa, oh yeah, and hi, just to name a few! You are learning to answer questions (BIG development!!), and your answer is either "yeah!" or you shake your head "no". You are literally eating us out of house and home. You are full-time walking and starting to run!!! Woo Hoo!!! This makes me SOOOOO happy! You still sleep great and love your routine. You don't love baths as much as you used to, but you still do great.

Here are a "few" pictures from the past month! I love you honey!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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Katie said...

So exciting! It still shocks me how kids vocabulary just seems to blossom in spurts. Between his new words and him walking, I'm sure you feel like he's done about a year's worth of growing in just the past few weeks. For sure those two things make you feel like you've lost your baby and gained a toddler instead. It's a fun new stage though!!