Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Newest Advenures

So, Caleb and I are having a lot of "firsts" this week! We went Strollerskaing with some of the moms from my Square One class, until a grade school with about 200 kids showed up and we left. Yes, I'm a little paranoid about this whole Swine Flu...

Next, while I thought Caleb was sick with allergies and congestion, I was wrong! He is getting his first tooth!! Oh my gosh, I can't believe it! Yep, we think it's his top left tooth that is crowning just below the gum surface!

And finally, you have to watch the video at the bottom for the other new trick he's learned this week. I'm telling you, as hard as this week has been, it will not be easily forgotten!!

Sheila and I "Strollerskating" with our two boys!

My new favorite face of Caleb's! He does this when I'm using him as my weights and lifting him up in the air and side to side. I have to build up my arm an ab muscles somehow!
My two favorite boys!
Another sweet smiling face!

And another one!

"fish face!" He loves this!

Caleb discovering his feet for the first time!

"Watchya doin' mom?"

Nothing like baby rolls as big as Caleb's!

And for the finale...

Caleb rolling on to his side fo the very first time!

(Yes, I did catch it on camera, am I lucky or what!?!?!)

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