Saturday, April 4, 2009

3 Months (Oh My Gosh!!)

Caleb, you are 3 months old! Mommy just cannot believe how FAST time goes by! You are growing into your personality and it is soooo fun to watch and see who you are becoming! Here are some things I don't ever want to forget:

1. You have doubled in weight since birth, which only means that there is more of you to love!
2. It's normal for us to have a 5 minute conversation at any point during the day
3. You love to take naps in your swing
4. You're sleeping through the night which is a huge blessing to this mommy!
5. You love it when daddy comes home, whether you're sleeping or not, you always greet him with a smile!
6. You've had a bit of reflux the past week or so, but mommy is trying a few home remedies and they seem to be helping, which is saving on loads of laundry for sure!
7. You like to go walking at the mall on Friday mornings with all of your Square One buddies
8. You still love bathtime!
9. You are now rubbing your eyes when you are tired, which is helpful for mommy because now I know when you need to be put down to sleep, and I don't have to wonder why you are fussy!
10. You continue to grunt quite loudly when you ae making mommy or daddy a present in your diaper, I even got it on video, but I promise I won't show it to anyone else!
11. You are wearing 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes!
12. You laugh when mommy blows on your face when you are laying naked on your changing table!
13. You also smile and laugh when mommy or daddy makes a horse sound
14. You are on a pretty regular feeding schedule which is geat for mommy
15. We're still working on a napping schedule, but so far you take two shorter morning naps and usually one long afternoon nap
16. You love exercise time with mommy, you smile soooo big
17. You still love to sleep on mommy and daddy's chest (we'll take this for as long as it will last!!)
18. You like routine (should I be surprised by this?!?)
19. You like walking around the block with mommy, especially the constant "bumps" in the sidewalk, it sometimes puts you to sleep
20. You smile HUGE when I come to get you up in the morning! (This is the best start to mommy's day!!)

Here are some of my favorite pictures of you over the past couple weeks, and one AWESOME video at the very bottom!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!


Katie said...

Such a precious sweet laugh!

Travis and Andrea said...

Very sweet! He is so cute!