Monday, November 17, 2008

REALLY Cool Update

Sunday morning at church, we had a nice little surprise. A couple years ago, Aaron and I did a ministry called Apartment Life. The end goal of this ministry is to move into an apartment complex, plan and execute all of the social events each month, and build relationships with others who live in your apartment community, in order to impact them for Christ. While this was one of the most difficult years of my (our) life, I have found it to be very rewarding in a couple different ways. During the first couple months of doing Apartment Life, we met a really sweet couple who were Hurricane Katrina evacuees. We met them and instantly felt a connection with them. They were semi looking for a church, and after hanging out with them a few times we invited them to visit Watermark. Lance (the boyfriend) was traveling quite a bit and so only Ophelia and her daughter would come. Anyway, once we moved away from doing Apartment Life, we lost touch with them.

I've often thought about them and wondered how they were doing. Ophelia was planning on attending the Dallas Design School, while Lance continued to travel often for his job. Well, back to Sunday morning...

Lance and Ophelia were at church, and were sitting in the row right in front of us just a few people over!! What joy it brought to my heart to see them there, not knowing after we moved, what had become of them. After the service ended, we had a short chance to catch up with them. They have been attending Watermark ever since the first time we brought them and have since moved to separate apaprtments (they were not married), and plugged in at Watermark! Ophelia graduated from Design School as well! Oh, it was so fun to see how the Lord used us to impact, even in such a minor way, such sweet people!

Thank you Lord for the reimnder that your word NEVER goes void! Thank you for giving me a small glimpse that our time in Apartment Life, while even though it was SUPER hard, did not go unused! I pray for Lance, Ophelia and her sweet little 9 year-old daughter, that you would continue to bless them, and grow their hearts to be more like you!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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