Monday, November 9, 2009

1st Week Of No Spend Month

Well, our 1st week of no spend month was pretty eventful! We spent more than I truly would like to mention, but to keep within the challenge and consistency, I will go ahead and share.

In the 1st week of No Spend Month we spent: $223 of our $350! YIKES!! I'm trying to stay positive after a week like this but I'm finding it to be pretty difficult!

About $100 of the $223 was spent on baby, including formula, fresh fruits & veggies for homemade food. The rest was spent on basic food supplies such as milk, lunchmeat, bread, etc. and because of our schedule, we have had to eat out, without choice (either eat out, or don't eat at all), so that ate up a chunk of the money as well.

We also have made an additional purchase...a car! Obviously we are not counting that in our "normal" budget, and we paid cash for it from our savings (thank the Lord we had savings!)

So, for the next three weeks, we have a total of $127 left to spend without going over our goal of $350. That comes out to about $42 per week. I'm confident that we can do this, but it will continue to take major meal planning on my part!

Any encouragement is welcome!!

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Stacey said...

Thanks for the update! Sounds like you have quite a challenge for the next few weeks...but you can do it!

And share pics of the car when you can!