Friday, December 19, 2008

Pregnancy Phrases

I'm not sure if any of you other preggo ladies, or mommies as well, ever had some interesting phrases come out of your mouth during pregnancy, but I had two tonight, both within 10 minutes of each other that I just had to share...

To set the stage right, here's a little background. Today was a gorgeous day outside, highs in the 70s, no obvious need to have the heat on, at work, in the car, and especially at the house! When I got home (before Aaron) the house was at a perfect 66 degrees. I walked in and it was wonderful to not be sweating in my own home for once! As soon as Aaron walked in, he turned the HEAT up to 69, which is what we have kept it at WHEN IT'S COLD OUTSIDE, not when it's warm though! We were sitting there talking about how miserable I was because the heat was on and it was directly hitting my belly. **Note that by this time, my shirt is pulled up and my large belly is completely exposed** I said sarcastically, would you rather me just walk around naked, because I'm sweating like a bullet! I immediately realized that what I said, "sweating like a bullet" made absolutely no sense, and practically stopped Aaron in his tracks from responding with some sarcastic remark (the fact that I was quick enough to catch him before anything came out of his mouth was a miracle in and of itself, he's usually much more quick than I!).

Ok, so moving on about 10 minutes later, we started talking about how my mom offered to come in town the 1st week of January to help out with any last minute things before Caleb's arrival, which lead to us discussing when we would each like Caleb to come. I told Aaron that as long as I make it past Christmas day, as far as I'm concerned, he can come anytime after that. I'm at the point I truly never thought I would get to...the "Get this baby out of me!" phase of pregnancy. Aaron on the other hand expressed that he would like Caleb to come on or after his due date, that way his birthday is as far away from Christmas as possible. I shared my concerns with having him late, because of the size of Aaron and his brother, I was afraid that if he came late, I wouldn't be able to have the natural delivery I so desired and that I would have to have an unscheduled C-Section, and that I didn't want that. He then expressed that it could be possible to have him late because I was so small and maybe he would take after me. Well, the reason I was so small is because my mom was so very sick when she was pregnant with me, and I was naturally not as healthy as most full term babies. I proceeded to tell Aaron that beacause I was "As healthy as a bean" that it was very possible that Caleb would be too big depending on how late he decided to come. Again, at this point, I caught myself, started laughing hysterically, and stopped Aaron again, almost in his tracks of throwing out a sarcastic rebuttle. I mean really, "healthy as a bean" seriously Jill, where did that come from?

Now, neither of theses stories are nearly as funny as I read them back, but I promise if you were here in person and had witnessed these two simultaneous events, you would have been laughing as hard as we were.

Sorry if this was a boring post, just thought it would be fun to share! If any of you have funny pregnancy phrases that just happened to roll off your tongue, I'd LOVE to hear the stories (leave yoru stories in the comments section!!)!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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Chrys and Mike said...

laughing aloud. the "healthy as a bean" comment still has me giggling!